IFC coordinates the recruitment process for the 30 North-American Interfraternity Conference and other national fraternities. There is no fee to register, but registration is mandatory. Registration link below.

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Important Dates:

  • Formal rush dates: August 17th - August 22nd 
  • Rush kickoff: August 16th 

IFC leaders will be available throughout the entire process for coaching and general guidance. If a student receives a bid and wishes to continue to visit other chapters, it is OK to inform the chapter issuing the bid that he wants to visit other chapters before making a final decision. Once accepting a bid, the student will need to complete the Georgia Tech New Member Form within 24 hours. If a student accepts a bid but still has other invitations from other chapters, the student must notify the other chapters that he will not be attending. 

To accept a bid, you usually just say "I'd like to accept my bid". It's that easy! There are no financial requirements for registration/recruitment and no obligation to accept an invitation to membership of a chapter. So, what are you waiting for? 

Staff contact: Dr. Jamison Keller