Divine Nine Org Shields

The National Pan-Hellenic (NPHC) also known as the Divine Nine at Georgia Tech is proud to share with you all the Divine Nine Plaza. The mission of the NPHC is to promote unity and expose members to the “service for life” philosophy and foster leadership development and scholarship. The NPHC organizations are dedicated and committed to civic engagement, academic achievement, leadership and providing a sense of inclusivity and equity.  Georgia Tech has committed to an initiative to recognize these organizations through the implementation of the Divine Nine Plaza.  The plaza will feature nine plots to represent all organizations in the NPHC, and an amphitheater for events and performances. This Divine Nine Plaza will offer an opportunity for NPHC organizations to gather and foster community engagement and programming. 

History of Plots

Dating back to the 1920’s, one of the most prominent symbols of Black Greek Letter Organizations on college campuses are plots. Plots symbolize the organization using colors Greek symbols or letters, national and local history.  Plots serve as a gathering places and symbolic honor for the past and future generations of Black Greek members.

design layout
Divine nine layout image
Divine 9 diagram image