You want more. Not more “stuff,” but more impact, more happiness, more fulfillment. More. Not out of greed or selfishness, but because you know more is waiting out there for you. You are a Georgia Tech student because you want more out of life, you envision more for the world, and you chose to demand more of yourself than is required. Fraternities and sororities at Tech are all about “more.” We get more out of our college experience. We give more of our time, our passion, and our efforts to our school and community. And we live more joyful, balanced, and generous lives. Our brothers and sisters expect more from us, and we are supported more because of our membership.


Fraternity & Sorority Life at Georgia Tech makes most people do a double-take. We are not what you might expect. Our members spend some moments building collegiate memories and the next moments building scientific history. Our members celebrate life and celebrate each other’s academic accomplishments. Our location in Atlanta offers Southern hospitality and a cutting-edge tech scene. In other words, we are not what you might expect.


We didn’t invent fraternity and sorority life, but we are re-engineering it for the future every day. Our shared goal is to create men and women of purpose, of character, and of poise — ready to not only get a good job when they graduate, but to lead their industries, be well-rounded citizens, and have the confidence and communication skills needed to build the future.


We each have a committed group of people on campus who support us, celebrate us, care about us, and challenge us. Brotherhood and sisterhood are about far more than friendship — they provide a loyal team of caring confidants dedicated to helping each of us be happy and successful. When college can be filled with real-life anxieties and obstacles, our brothers and sisters provide a home away from home.