The Greek Life Task Force formed in October 2016 comprised of staff, students, and family members, held rich discussions that led to a series of clear recommendations for action and issues for consideration by student leaders in partnership with advisors, alumni, house corporation leaders, and Institute officials. The preliminary report represents initial findings, recommendations, and considerations of the Greek Life Task Force. In particular, the report emphasizes the need for Institute support of high-impact learning practices and greater support of NPHC & MPC organizations. Thus, the Fraternity/Sorority Membership Fee was created. 

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The Fraternity/Sorority Membership Fee is used by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to fund initiatives directly supporting the Greek community including:

  • programming related to chapter/council officer training
  • membership development
  • health and wellness
  • new member education
  • leadership
  • awards and recognition
  • diversity initiatives

The fee is also utilized to fund a part-time Office of Student Integrity Coordinator for fraternity/sorority cases. 

Active Members

A membership fee of $20 will appear on student Bursar accounts at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Fraternity/Sorority Membership Fee is a Georgia Tech fee in addition to any chapter dues students will be assessed through their own organization.

If you feel you have been wrongly assessed the Fraternity/Sorority Membership Fee, please contact your chapter president to determine if you have been listed on an official chapter roster. 

New Members

are not assessed this fee until the semester after they have been initiated into their respective chapters.

Upon completion of each chapter's official roster reporting at the start of each term, the fee is assessed to all active members (usually around the 2nd week of the term).

For information regarding chapter dues and additional financial commitments, please contact the organization.