Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC) sororities offer opportunities for membership throughout the year, however the most opportunities for membership happen during Primary Recruitment which occurs a few days prior to the start of Fall semester classes. Students not interested or not able to participate in Primary Recruitment may also have opportunities throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to join a CPC chapter through Associate Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding (COB). It is important to note that not all sororities will participate in COB. 

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Primary Recruitment

Registration for Fall 2024 Primary Recruitment will open April . The link to register is above!

At the start of Primary recruitment, potential new members (PNMs) are paired with a Recruitment Counselor - a collegiate woman who disassociates from her organization to help PNMs throughout the recruitment process. During Primary Recruitment, you will have the opportunity to narrow down your preferences of sororities each day and so will the chapters, making it a "mutual selection process." Signing up and participating in Primary Recruitment does not obligate you to join a chapter at the end of the process. 

Important Dates:
  • August 14th - August 19th 
    • August 14th: Potential New Member Orientation 
    • August 14th and 15th: Open House 
    • August 16th: Finance and Philanthropy Day 
    • August 17th: Sisterhood and Values Day 
    • August 18th: Preference 
    • August 19th: Bid Day

For more information regarding the Primary Recruitment process and list of FAQs, please visit the CPC website.


Associate Recruitment

CPC oversees one associate member sorority that does not participate in the Primary Recruitment process: 

The associate member recruitment process is held after Primary Recruitment in the Fall and during the second week of classes in the Spring. Associate Recruitment events are hosted by the individual chapter. Women who accept a bid to a chapter in the Primary Recruitment process are not eligible to participate in Associate Recruitment. 


Continuous Open Bidding and Spring Recruitment

Anyone wishing to withdraw after starting the Primary Recruitment process or has been released may elect to sign up for Continuous Open Bidding (COB), which will allow you to potentially pursue options of joining a chapter later in the Fall or Spring semester through a less structured process. Anyone interested in submitting their name for COB may fill out the COB Interest Form.

The opportunity to join through COB only takes place when an individual chapter falls below 'total' chapter size; which can happen for a variety of reasons. Total is the allowable chapter size as determined by CPC, and includes both new and initiated members. The purpose of total is to provide for growth of the CPC community and parity among the chapters, and to allow for the maximum number of women to participate in the sorority experience. The individual chapters with membership opportunities will be responsible for communicating the details out to the campus and potential members. 

Important Dates: 
  • Tabling Events to meet chapters: 
    • January 8th, 2023 at 12:30pm-3:00pm on the Skiles Walkway
    • January 9th, 2023 at 12:30pm-3:00pm on the Skiles Walkway
  • Information Session: 
    • January 11th, 2023 at 5:30pm in the John Lewis Student Center