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Greek Sustainability Committee

Mission: To provide those recognized Greek letter organizations living within the Georgia Tech Greek Sector with the means and opportunities to live sustainability. As a registered student organization, we are in close partnership with the staff members within Georgia Tech Facilities departments and the Office of Solid Waste Management to provide a robust and accessible recycling program. The recycling program currently services about a third of the houses within the Greek Sector and the program is being reviewed for expansion and efficiency. In addition to the recycling program, we aim to make education opportunities and resources available for the houses to improve their individual and therefore overall impact on sustainability. By having this as a focus of our organization, it cultivates opportunities for fellow Greek members to get involved, help with events, and have a personal impact on the larger community. 

How to get involved: Join our portal on Orgsync and find us on Facebook to learn more about who we are, when we meet, events, and more! 

Current Projects: reusable late plates for houses with meal plans, Game Day Recycling, Water, and Energy Conservation through the use of rain barrels, assessment of our two Greek Neighborhood Association Recycling Stations and the recycling program. If you would like assistance from the Greek Sustainability Committee on projects and/or resources for your house, please fill out this form!

If your chapter wants an indoor recycling bin for aluminum, please fill out this form.

Gameday Recycling



The Office of Solid Waste Management and the Greek Sustainability Committee are seeking volunteers for our Game Day Recycling Program.  Times will vary depending on kickoff times, but there are two volunteer options. For example: From 10-11am, the “Blue Bag Brigade” will be giving out blue recycling bags to tailgaters. Then, from 11:15-12:30, “Green Greeters” at the Stadium will encourage fans to recycle as they are heading into the game. The 2017 season was the program’s 10 year anniversary and they have accomplished so much since 2008.  They have raised their recycling rate to 30% and collected close to 200 tons of recyclable materials. They cannot do this and have any kind of impact without the help of volunteers! For more information and to sign up, visit For a Recycling Tailgate Guide, click here