Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

To visit the Collegiate Panhellenic Council page, visit their webpage or find us on Facebook and Instagram - @gtcpc

How to Join

The primary way women join a Panhellenic sorority is through Fall Primary Recruitment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no in-person recruitment this Fall. Instead, a fully structured reruitment will be hosted virtually. This process will remain similar to an in-person recruitment, but allows chapters to recruit while remaining physically distant. At the start of recruitment, you are paired with a Recruitment Counselor - a collegiate woman who disassociates from her organization to help potential new members throughout the recruitment process. During Primary Recruitment, you will have the opportunity to narrow down your preferences of sororities each day and so will the chapters, making it a "mutual selection process." Signing up and participating in Primary Recruitment does not obligate you to join a chapter at the end of the week. 

Registration for Primary Recruitment 2020 is required along with a $40 registration fee: 

Important dates:

  • Monday, August 10, 2020: Potential New Member Orientation (virtual meeting)
  • Thursday, August 13 - Sunday, August 16, 2020: Primary Recruitment Rounds 1-4 (hosted virtually)

For more information regarding the 2020 Primary Recruitment process and list of FAQs, please visit the CPC website.

Anyone wishing to withdraw after starting the Primary Recruitment process or has been released may elect to sign up for Continuous Open Bidding (COB), which will allow you to potentially pursue options of joining a chapter later in the year through a less structured process. 

Spring Recruitment

The opportunity to join 1 of our 8 NPC sororities in the Spring only takes place when an individual chapter falls below 'total' chapter size; which can happen for a variety of reasons. Total is the allowable chapter size as determined by the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, and includes both new and initiated members. The purpose of total is to provide for growth of the CPC community and parity among the chapters, and to allow for the maximun number of women to participate in the sorority experience. The individual chapters hosting recruitment events in the Spring will be responsible for communicating the details out to the campus and potential members. Our 2 associate chapters of CPC, Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon recruit in both the Fall and Spring semester through a seperate process.





Associate Chapters

CPC also oversees two associate member sororities that do not participate in the primary recruitment process: Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon. The associate member recruitment process is held after Primary Recruitment in the Fall and during the second week of school in the Spring. Associate Member Recruitment events are hosted by the individual sororities. Women who accept a bid to a chapter in the primary recruitment process are not eligible to participate in Associate Member Recruitment. 

Panhellenic PNM Code of Ethics

"As a Potential New Member, I understand that I am upheld to a Code of Ethics to participate in Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council’s Recruitment:

  • I will attend all events to which I receive an invitation to throughout the days of Primary Recruitment.
  • I will behave respectfully towards myself, other potential new members, chapter members, Recruitment Counselors, and institute staff at all times. 
    • Specifically, I will refrain from using negative language toward or about the aforementioned individuals, in conversation and on social media platforms at all times.
  • I will not discuss or reveal a known affiliation of any recruitment counselor or CPC Executive member with other potential new members.

By signing the Potential New Member Code of Ethics, I understand and agree to the terms listed above. I understand that failure to abide by the rules stated above may result in my immediate removal from GT Collegiate Panhellenic Council Sorority Recruitment. Additionally, by accepting these terms, I give permission to the GT Collegiate Panhellenic Council and the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to review my academic records provided by the Institute.

By registering for Primary Recruitment, I understand that the National Panhellenic Council (NPC) Unanimous Agreements pertaining to membership recruitment govern this process and are as follows:

  • A College Panhellenic may not require a scholastic grade point average as a condition for a woman’s participation in the membership recruitment process.
  • Each College Panhellenic Association shall prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages in membership recruitment and Bid Day activities.
  • Each College Panhellenic Association shall prohibit the participation of men in membership recruitment and Bid Day activities.
  • To be eligible to participate in Panhellenic recruitment, a woman must not be simultaneously enrolled in high school and attending college.
  • A woman must be an undergraduate student regularly matriculated in the institution to be eligible to participate in membership recruitment.
  • A woman shall not be, or have ever been, an initiated member of an NPC organization and join another NPC organization.
  • Any woman who signs a membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA) and receives a bid at the end of membership recruitment will be bound by it until the next primary membership recruitment period at the same college or university.
  • A woman will complete the MRABA after the last event she attends. It is a binding contract and once it has been signed, no changes may be made.
  • Each NPC sorority chapter has the right to participate in Continuous Open Bidding (COB) to reach quota or its total allowable chapter size during the regular school year as defined by the school calendar.
  • The College Panhellenic provides the printed membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA) and the continuous open bidding (COB) acceptance binding agreement forms.
  • Each College Panhellenic shall establish a Bid Day to conclude the fully structured membership recruitment period. A Bid Day is the scheduled time when invitations to membership are issued.
  • If a woman has accepted a bid during the previous primary recruitment period but did not get initiated into that NPC member organization, she is eligible to participate in the next year’s primary membership recruitment period.
  • If through the primary membership recruitment process, a potential new member receives a bid and declines it, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC sorority on the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s primary membership recruitment period.
  • At a later date, but before the next primary membership recruitment period, if the potential new member who declined her bid expresses interest in being pledged to the chapter with which she originally matched, she may do so only if the chapter extends another bid to her and has quota or total spaces to fill.
  • If a potential new member does not receive a bid at the end of the primary membership recruitment period, she is eligible immediately to participate in continuous open bidding (COB).

As a Potential New Member, I understand that this is my Bill of Rights as laid out by NPC:

  • The right to be treated as an individual
  • The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process
  • The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment counselors and members
  • The right to be treated with respect
  • The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized
  • The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers
  • The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors
  • The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors
  • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others
  • The right to be fully informed about the NPC Unanimous Agreements implicit in the membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA) signing process
  • The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision
  • The right to have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience

I understand that I have the right to fill out a violation form if any part of my Bill of Rights has been infringed upon. Any recruitment counselor can help me file a violation form.