NPHC Intake



The National Pan-Hellenic Council, also refered to as the Divine Nine or D9 is composed of nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities. The purpose of the NPHC is to foster cooperative actions of its members in dealing with matters of mutual conern. 

Membership Intake

Most commonly referred to as "Intake," NPHC membership opportunities are held at various points throughout the year and is hosted by each fraternity or sorority. Each organization determines when and the semester intake will happen. Many NPHC organizations require that you complete one or two years of enrollment at the host institution prior to participating in intake. Additionally, any student that is interested in joining a fraternity or sorority within NPHC is encouraged to attend Meet the Greeks or Convocation held both Fall and Spring semester and various events throughout the year. 

Things to consider when showing interest to NPHC organizations:

  1. Attend chapter programs/events.
  2. Attend an interest meeting of the organization(s) you would like to know more about.
  3. Get to know the individuals of the organizations of the chapter you are most interested in.
  4. Research the organization you are most interested in online and via social media.
  5. Get involved with other organizations to show your. 


Important Dates

  • August 30 - September 3, 2021: NPHC Week

Masks or face coverings are highly encouraged for all large events. 

More and specific information about NPHC can be found on Instagram - @gt_nphc