Interfraternity Recruitment

Registration link for Fall 2020 Rush coming soon!

IFC will host Fall Rush on August 12 - 17, 2020. Most commonly referred to as "Rush," IFC hosts a formal recruitment process in the fall and in spring. While you can be recruited year-round, the official Rush period occurs during Week of Welcome in Fall and the second week of school in the Spring. Fraternities may also host events outside of formal recruitment, most commonly during the summer.  There is a co-ed fraternity as well that women and students are encouraged to seek out as an option. Each fraternity has food and events at their house during these times. All recruitment events throughout the year are dry - no alcohol is allowed per the IFC Bylaws.

During Rush, you can go to as many, or as few events as you would like. At a fraternity event, you will meet many members and they will meet you - get to know each other! With 31 IFC Chapters, we recommend you do your research ahead of time to look at what each chapter offers. It is recommended that you visit around 10 fraternities on day one and 10 different chapters on day two, spending 10-15 minutes at each. After that, narrow your choices down to 3-5 fraternities and spend more time at each throughout the recruitment process.  If the members think you are a good fit for their chapter, they will offer you a bid (an invitation to join). You may receive multiple bids but can only accept one. To accept a bid, you usually just say "I'd like to accept my bid". It's that easy! There are no financial requirements for registration/recruitment and no obligation to accept an invitation to membership of a chapter. So, what are you waiting for?

More and specific information can be found at; find us on Facebook and Instagram - @gt_ifc