Greeks United for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity, is an inter-council Greek committee at Georgia Tech committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Greek community and establishing Georgia Tech as a pioneer for a nation-wide shift in the Greek experience. 

"We, the Georgia Tech Greek councils, recognize that the Greek community has a long way to go in regard to incorporating the values of inclusion, diversity, and equity within either membership or membership practices. By forming the GUIDE organization, we can create a permanent solution to an ongoing problem by taking strides towards continued improvement of Greek culture on Georgia Tech's campus.  

We recognize this issue as a national one faced by Greek councils, chapters, and organizations across the nation. By founding GUIDE, the Greek councils of the Georgia Institute of Technology will help to pave the way for a nation-wide shift of Greek culture. By actively recognizing the flaws and strengths of our community, we can begin to take steps to make the Greek life experience the best it can possibly be." 

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