Greek & Religious Neighborhood Association

The Greek & Religious Neighborhood Association (GRNA) operates as the checks and balance system for our Greek letter organizations that have property on campus. The majority of our Greek organizations here at Georgia Tech are housed in on-campus, freestanding houses on Institute property. Therefore, while they are close in proximity to many Georgia Tech academic and athletic buildings, much of the operations and maintenance are privately operated through individual chapter house corporations. The GRNA helps to regulate general exterior facility maintenance. The GRNA seeks to provide incentives for chapters who keep their facilities up to standards, and will continue with punitive measures for those groups that do not follow agreed-upon expectations. The group is made up of student leaders called House Managers who help to foster greater community and campus relations, and organizes facilities-related programs within the Greek Sector.

The Association body is comprised of the house manager from each fraternity and sorority that owns or resides in a facility.  The Co-Chairs of the GRNA are appointed by the IFC and CPC, and serve an annual term.  The GRNA assumes a duty and responsibility to: develop and enforce policies and sanctions; sponsor and lead programs for recycling in the Greek community; develop positive incentives, and plan and coordinate GRNA meetings once a month throughout the fall and spring semesters.

  • GRNA Policy
  • Dumpster Usage Guidelines via the Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling
  • Wreck Lot:
    • Requesting a temporary ROLL OFF DUMPSTER: Temporary roll off dumpsters will be provided throughout the Greek Sector at the start of the fall semester, before homecoming, and during Move Out of the fall and spring semester. Exact dates will be sent throughout the semester. To order a temporary roll-off for your chapter: To order a temporary roll-off for an organization's exclusive use, submit the Temporary Container Order Form. The organization is responsible for contacting Parking if any parking spaces are going to be used in the placement of the container. The organization ordering will be charged $100 per dump plus $38 per ton of material in the container.
    • Requesting a temporary RECYCLING unit for events and/or large scale clean-up projects (i.e. for cardboard boxes, cans/cups, etc.)