Greek 100 Meal Plan

Fraternities and sororities are social organizations. Taking meals together is a very strong bonding experience. Many chapters with a facility require all members to purchase a meal plan for a certain number of weekly dinners. Chapter facilities typically have a hired chef or cook to prepare meals. Meal plans for students living in the chapter house vary from one chapter to another.  A chapter might have seven dinners and lunches per week with an open kitchen for breakfast and snacking, or dinners only with breakfast and lunch in an open kitchen. There are many variations offered within each organization. Some chapters also open their kitchens to allow for other Greek members of another chapter to share their space/meal plan options. 

The Greek 100 Meal Plan is available only to first-year housing students* who have pledged a recognized Greek letter organization that has a chapter facility and meal plan service of their own. This does not cancel your plan with GT Dining Services, but it lowers your options on the traditional plan to accommodate for the meals you will alternatively receive at the facility for the chapter you have joined. The Greek 100 Meal Plan includes 100 meals for the remaining of the semester, $250 BuzzCard Funds, and $100 Dining Dollars. Upper-classmen who join a Greek organization may be elligible for a similar plan through GT Dining Services called the "Meal Pass 100."

Upon accepting an invitation to membership to one of these specific chapters, the First Year Housing meal plan transfer requests are managed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the start of each semester following Fall and Spring recruitment periods. To modify your current plan to include the Greek 100 Meal Plan, please fill out the appropriate form below (it is only accessible by verified Georgia Tech students and open during a brief period following Fall and Spring recruitment). Meal Plan Change Fees apply ($30 for Academic Year 2021-22), see GT Dining Services Meal Plan Terms and Conditions for more information. All Greek meal plan enrollments will be effective on a specific, published date. Until that date, the student’s original meal plan will remain in force.

If you are a new member as of Fall 2021 and would like to switch your meal plan, please fill out this form by 8/30/21 at 11:45pm. The Greek 100 Meal Plan will begin on 9/6/2021. No late forms will be accepted and plans cannot be canceled. If you have any questions, please email

*If you are an upperclass student looking to switch GT meals plans to something similar, GT Dining offers the Meal Pass 100 (100 meal swipes, $100 Dining Dollars, and $50 BuzzFunds). Please utilize the same form linked above to make the switch during the published dates.