Benefits of Joining


Sisterhood is a special kind of bond experienced within a sorority among its members. Your sisters will laugh with you and cry with you. They'll stay up all night to cram for that final with you or bum around all day in pj's with you. They will be there to help celebrate the good times and help you get through the bad. Sisterhood is a support system like no other in which your sisters are always there for you. Through your college days no matter how situations may change and friends may come and go, a sisterhood is the steady acceptance and friendship that remains. There is no such doubt that apart we are all different people with so much much to offer, but when we are together we are a family that shares a special bond, a sisterhood. 



When joining a fraternity at Georgia Tech, you become part of a large group of men who have made it through the rigors of their college years. The fraternity is a great way to enhance the general experience through brotherhood and friendship. Brotherhood means building bonds between members and working towards not only a better campus overall but a better relationship with the surrounding communities. The fraternity network including brothers and alumni will help open opportunities throughout life.


Philanthropy & Service

The Greek System at Georgia Tech believes that one of the founding principles is the giving of oneself for the betterment of your community - locally, nationally, and globally. Philanthropic service is a primary tenant of the Greek experience and can be seen in a variety of ways throughout the school year. From Tech Beautification Day in the spring, councils providing sponsorships to bolster philanthropy events, to chapters selling coffee on Friday mornings - our community is using their platform to raise awareness and give back to those around them. A recent highlight is from our Collegiate Panhellenic Community who not only raised $40,000 to build a school through Circle of Sisterhood but also traveled to Senegal to be part of the build and connect with the village they were helping. 


Leadership Development

The Georgia Institute of Technology Greek system occupies over 75% of the leadership positions on campus. Greek men and women are leaders in the Student Government Association (SGA), Executive Round Table, Student Alumni Association, Student Foundation, FASET, varsity and club athletics, and many Greek honor societies. These positions help the Greek community become well-rounded individuals in preparation for the competitive world. In fact, 75% of Congress, 85% of Supreme Court Justices since 1920, and all but two U.S. Presidents since 1825 have been Greek.


The intramural program is perhaps one of the most visible and enjoyable aspects of Greek life. Even though this program experiences campus-wide involvement in sports ranging from Flag football, and soccer, to racquetball and water polo; the fraternity and sorority teams are usually among the strongest on campus. Intramural events teach the importance of teamwork. Because of the high level of competition, members soon find that dedication to teamwork brings success with great regularity. Such competition strengthens bonds in all facets of life.

Academic Support

The Greek members at Georgia Tech realize that excelling in academics is the top priority of all students. Scholastic achievement is a central part of each chapter's goals. Each Greek organization implements various programs designed to assist members in their academic pursuits. Programs include tutoring, study halls, educational programs, and awards. The Greek system provides a network of other students in your classes and in your major who can offer advice on courses, professors, and form study groups. The Greek community creates an atmosphere where men and women are encouraged and assisted in maintaining a high level of academic success, while rewarding chapters and individuals for their academic achievements. Sorority women and fraternity men may apply for scholarships from individual chapters and from their respective governing boards. The retention rate for Greeks is significantly higher than that of non-Greeks and the Greek overall grade point average is consistently higher than that of non-Greek undergraduates.

apa3.jpgSocial Activities

In addition to academic and leadership opportunities, sororities and fraternities provide social functions and activities for their members. Socially, the Greek community is involved in Homecoming, Greek Week, numerous formals, parents' weekends, date nights, and many other events that provide a balance to the academic rigors of Georgia Tech. The social events throughout the school year provide Greek members the opportunity to relax and have fun with their sisters/brothers. In addition, each Georgia Tech chapter maintains a responsible social policy, which promotes enjoyable social activities in a safe environment and creates excellent social skills, which are imperative in the business world.


Alumni Support 

Georgia Tech alumni are extremely proud of their experience at the Institute, and Georgia Tech Greek alumni are even more proud. All fraternities and sororities have alumni who serve as advisors to the student leaders and members.  These alumni offer wisdom and advice on the organizational development and problem-solving.  In addition, the larger alumni base of the Greek community connects students to opportunities within their chosen career path, internships, co-op positions, and beyond.

Values Enrichment

Each fraternity and sorority was founded on similar principles of scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood/sisterhood. It is these fundamental values that separate Greek organizations from other campus organizations. These values are at the core of everything that Georgia Tech Greek members strive for and integrate into their everyday lives. A community with shared values can foster growth in character and enrich the development that is taking place in the collegiate environment we live in. These values are etched into the firm foundation Georgia Tech can give us to be stronger and more confident global citizens.