Advisors & Alumni

Alumni of the Greek community are an integral part of the fraternity/sorority experience. Whether serving in a formal role as an advisor or house corporation volunteer or visit the chapter for homecoming and other celebrations, alumni provide guidance and advice that keep positive traditions alive for undergraduate members. Chapter advisors are the most vital asset to a chapter other than university support. The vision for chapter advisors is to offer professional leadership and management that offer continuity to the chapter’s operations and long-term success. 


Fraternity and sorority advisors provide ongoing support to their chapters through attendance at meetings, events, and activities.  They also give continuity to each generation of student members that join their Greek organization. 

At Georgia Tech all chapters are required to have a minimum of two advisors. One must be a full-time (FLSA Status) member of the faculty or staff of Georgia Tech, and the other is appointed by the Inter/national fraternity or sorority headquarters.

Chapter Advisors at any level play a vital role in the health and longevity of the Greek community at Georgia Tech. The role of the primary chapter advisor follows the inter/national organization's expectations, and generally includes following roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing clear expectations with chapter officers, outlining your role and commitment to the chapter.
  • Reviewing advisory resources provided by the fraternity or sorority headquarters and Georgia Tech Fraternity & Sorority Life Office.
  • Attending chapter meetings, new member events, initiation, and/or executive officer meetings.
  • Reviewing copies of minutes from chapter meetings, executive board meetings, judicial hearings.
  • Utilizing a full advisory board set forth by the Inter/national headquarters.
  • Reviewing local policy and procedure manuals on an annual basis.
  • Reviewing the new member program with the new member educator each semester, as dictated by the fraternity or sorority headquarters.
  • Assist with transitioning officers to their positions following each election cycle.
  • Attending national, regional and local leadership conferences with the undergraduate members.
  • Be aware of and sign off on any events hosted by the chapter that may prevent risk (i.e. social, philanthropy, retreat events)

Faculty Advisors also play an important role in the lives of the chapter members.  The responsibilities for faculty advisors varies greatly based on chapter needs.  Many faculty advisors find success with the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Initiating discussion with chapter officers about the time commitment expected from their faculty/staff advisor. The minimum commitment suggested is monthly attendance at one or more executive officer meetings, alumni advisory board meetings, and/or the chapter meeting.
  • Finding an area of interest to assist in chapter operations. The topic of scholarship is always a good place to start for a faculty or staff advisor, as it capitalizes on the natural relationship with the Institute.
  • Connecting with the Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement on important Georgia Tech policies and guidelines that affect faculty/staff advisors. This means reviewing and approving annual organizational renewals through Orgsync. 

House Corporation Volunteers

Many of the fraternities and sororities own and operate a facility that is managed by a group of organized alumni, called a house corporation. These corporations assist the undergraduate members to repair and maintain the facility, as well as strategically plan for renovations or new construction.  For question regarding fraternity or sorority housing, please contact Amanda Fishman ( in the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office. 

Additionally, if you would like to recommend a contractor for any type of vendor/service, please fill out this form as it will help share those resources as they will be made available to the other Greek houses on campus. 

Greek Alumni Council

The Greek Alumni Council provides an opportunity for Greek alumni to support student chapters through sharing best practices, networking with alumni and advocacy.  Learn more about the Greek Alumni Council by contacting Len Contardo, Vice President, Alumni Outreach, at 404-894-9275.


How do you know if the person is a "good fit" to serve in any of these roles?

A chapter advisor can be an excellent form of support. Many chapters choose to appoint one person with this role, asking them to be in constant contact with the undergraduate chapter and especially its leadership. Without reciprocal support from those being advised, however, nothing will be accomplished. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the significance of an advisor to the members of a chapter. Together, the advisor and the chapter members must strive to give a better understanding of the relationship that exists between the chapter and the institution. It is also important to realize that having a committed chapter advisor can make a significant positive impact in all areas of chapter operation.

Can the person be depended upon for close and prompt cooperation?

Is the person on good terms with the members of the chapter?

Does the person have a healthy view of the chapter and the Greek system in general?

Does the person work well with college students?

Does the person have enough time to commit to the chapter?

Is the person fair-minded?

Is the person in good standing with the university administrators, the local chapter, the inter/national chapter, the alumni, and the faculty?