Multicultural Greek Council

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The Multicultrual Greek Council is comprised of seven culturally based fraternities and sororities representing Indian, Asian, and Latino/a backgrounds. They foster and promote unity, awareness and community service. The member organizations of this council are opent to students from all backgrounds, religions, and creeds. 


MGC will be tabling for you to learn more about each organization throughout the summer and in the first few weeks of school. They will also host their an MGC Welcome Back dinner for any interested students to come and meet all of the chapters; this will take place August 25th, 2017 at 5pm! 

Most commonly referred to as "Intake," MGC recruitment is held at different times throughout the semester and is hosted by each fraternity or sorority. MGC hosts the "New Member Welcome Dinner" in the Fall semester so that you have an opportunity to meet many members of the different fraternities and sororities at one.

More and specific information can be found at; also find us on Facebook and Instagram - @gtmgc