Greek Terminology

The words and names for orgnaizations, events, and activities in the Greek community can be confusing. Greek terminology or symbols have different context to them than previously learned. Here is a list of terms and the Greek alphabet to help prospective members navigate the landscape of the Greek community:

Active - A fully initiated member of a fraternity still in college.Greek Alphabet

Alumnae or Alumni - An initiated member who is no longer in college.

Big Sister or Big Brother - After several weeks, the pledge will select an initiated member to be his/her big brother or sister. This older member serves as a resource, role model, and problem solver for the new member.

Bid - A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.

Bid Day - The last day of recruitment which includes activities at the chapter house.

Chapter - A local group of individuals who are affiliated with a national fraternity or sorority.

CPC - Collegiate Panhellenic Council.

Formal Recruitment - The major period of time set aside by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils for meeting potential new members.

Fraternity - The name applied to all Greek letter organizations, generally applied to men's groups.

Initiation - A ceremony that brings a new member into full membership.

IFC - Interfraternity Council.

Legacy - A woman whose mother, sister, or in some cases grandmother is an initiated member of a sorority. A man whose father, brother, or in some cases grandfather is an initiated member of a fraternity. Legacy stipulations differ for each sorority and fraternity.

NPHC - National Pan-Hellenic Council

MGC - Multicultural Greek Council

Pledge -A potential new member who has accepted the bid (invitation to join) of a sorority or fraternity; also known as an associate member.

Quota - Specified number of potential new members each Panhellenic sorority chapter can pledge.

Rushee - An individual person interested in becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority.

Sorority - A group of women joined together in friendship for leadership and academic purposes.

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