Preparing for A Chapter Consultant Visit


At least once per year, the inter/national headquarters will designate a time for an official visit.  This visit is typically conducted by a chapte rconsultant, but may also be completed by a regional/state director, board member, or inter/national officer.  When an official visit is scheduled, the chapter leaders should prepare to host that visitor and attend to their needs.  Below are a few notes to assist in preparing for rthe visit:

At the next Chapter meeting be sure to announce the upcoming visit and that your members know the reason for the Consultant’s visit

Remind chapter members to introduce themselves to the Consultant. They want to meet as many members as possible.

Confirm with your Greek Advisor that they are aware of the visit and schedule an appointment for the Greek Advisor and Consultant to meet.

Make the appointment with the Greek Advisor several weeks in advance.  The appointment should be for an hour for the two of them to meet privately. Be sure to let the Consultant know when the appointment is scheduled.

Notify your Chapter Advisor, Faculty/Staff Advisor and Alumni Board Chairman of the visit and ask when it would be convenient for them to meet with the Consultant. Be sure to let the Consultant know when they can meet.

Schedule a Ritual meeting during the Consultant’s visit.

Arrange accommodations for the Consultant during his/her stay. 

Be sure that the Consultant has a clean, quiet room to stay in, with access to a shower, bed, blanket, internet access, and access to laundry facilities and supplies. Leadership Consultants can spend upwards of a month on the road at a time; try to make them feel as at home as possible.

If you do not have a chapter house, or an available room in the chapter house, please arrange for the Consultant to stay in a residence hall/guest room, campus apartment, hotel room or a convenient home of local alumni. Your chapter should offer to pay for lodging during their stay.

Schedule meeting times for the new members, individual members, all officers, all committees with the Consultant

At the chapter meeting prior to the Consultant's visit, the chapter should fill out the appointment schedule so that chair meetings are scheduled in advance.

Each officer and committee should make sure that they are prepared with information and relevant material for the meeting.

Committees should discuss what they hope to accomplish during the visit.

Provide any member that wants to meet with the Consultant the opportunity to do so.

Include the consultant in meal times.  The chapter may be responsible for providing all meals during the Consultant's stay (money should be budgeted in your chapter account). Meal times should be listed in their schedule.

Do not schedule meetings during meals.

Try to block schedule as many meetings together as possible.

Remember you do not have to pack a meeting or event into every minute of the Consultant's schedule. It is ok to schedule free time and fun time. Consider taking your Consultant to major campus events, to the movies, to campus or local sporting events, sightseeing, or to any other creative and fun idea

Let the Consultant know what your chapter's special needs are before the visit, so that he/she may prepare in advance and bring materials if applicable.

Be sure that you know when the Leadership Consultant is arriving so that someone can meet them, especially if they need to be picked up at the airport. Make sure he/she has directions, and knows where to park his/her car.  You may need to inquire about temporary parking permits or visitor parking on campus.

Once the Consultant's schedule and meetings are completed, e-mail the schedule to the consultant at least one week prior to their visit.  In addition, the chapter president (or other officer) should prepare a packet to be given to the Consultant upon their arrival.  The packets should include the following:

  • A copy of the latest Grade & Memebership report from Greek Affairs (available on this website).
  • Current roster of all members
  • Roster of the Officers and Committee Chairs with telephone numbers.
  • Contact information for the Chapter Advisor, Faculty Advisor, members of the Board of Advisors, and members of the Alumni Board (at least the Board Chair).
  • Chapter Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Poicies
  • Governing Council Constitution & Bylaws (IFC/CPC/NPHC/MGC)
  • New Member/Pledge program and calendar
  • Current recrutiment/rush plan and the plan for the next semester
  • Chapter Budget & Financial Records
  • Be sure the chapter Ritual material is available for inspection by the Consultant.
  • A copy of the last three newsletters the Chapter sent to your alumni.
  • Minutes for the current year.

During the Visit

  • Greet the Consultant when they come into town. Help them unload the car and show them to their room. A smile and a firm handshake are always welcome. Give him/her a few minutes to relax and catch he/she breath.
  • If the Consultant is arriving by plane, a designated member should meet them at baggage claim at the airport. Please make sure you bring a vehicle with a large trunk. Consultants travel with several large pieces of luggage. Please also identify yourselves as chapter members (i.e. wear letters, pin attire, or bring a small sign).
  • Give the Consultant a tour of the house (if applicable) and your campus. In a sense, this will be his/her home for a few days, so help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Make sure he/she know when and where members are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Make the Consultant feel at home. It is ok to have free time in their schedule. Consultants enjoy sightseeing and spend time getting to know your campus and community.
  • Meet with President first.
  • The Consultant will give officer and members a number of ideas to improve the chapter. Listen to these suggestions and try to implement them into your chapter.
  • Chapter members are expected to dress in pin attire for any Ritual meetings.
  • Escort them to all campus appointments (ex: Greek Advisor) .
  • It affords you and all members of your Chapter to ask questions regarding all aspects of Chapter operations (i.e., scholastics, rush, finances, educational programming, etc.), request clarification about various national policies, express your Chapter’s concerns, and ask for help.
  • Treat the Consultant as you would want to be treated; with respect and consideration. He//She bring a wealth of knowledge and experience for the chapter.
  • Be as open with the Consultant as he/she is with the members of the chapter. The Consultant is there to help with any problems. It is much easier for him/her to give suggestions and solutions for your problems if you are open, candid, and honest. He/She can only do their job if you are open and honest and willing to work with him/her. Otherwise, the visit is pointless.
  • Make sure committee chairmen and officers show up on time for scheduled appointments. The Consultant's time is valuable. So is the time of your officers.
  • Hold meetings with officers, committees, new members, individual members, advisors, and alumni as scheduled.
  • Allot some time for the Consultant to complete any paperwork from his/her previous visit. Consultants do not like to fall behind and he/she would appreciate some time early in the visit to finish up.
  • Above all, do not make excuses such as, "We tried that once", or, "That won't work here." The Consultant has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Use his suggestions to improve your chapter.
  • Final wrap-up meeting with President.

After the Visit

Once the chapter receives the final report from the Consultant's visit, the executive board officers should review it in the following manner:

  • Hold an immediate Officers and Committee Chairmen meeting to review the report. The outcome of the meeting should be a plan to implement the recommendations/suggestions/corrections of the Consultant. The plan must list the item to be corrected, the steps to be taken, who is responsible to see that it is done, and the date(s) by which it will be done.
  • Review the Consultant’s report with the Chapter at the next meeting.
  • Discuss the report with the Chapter Advisor, Faculty Advisor and the Alumni Board and your plan to improve the Consultant’s evaluation.
  • Give a ‘progress report’ at future Chapter meetings; let the Chapter know what is being done to improve the areas that were identified by the Consultant as needing improvement.
  • Be sure to follow-up with the Consultant and keep him/her aware of your progress.

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