Roster Changes

The roster is a living document and can be changed and updated at any time, but there are certain times during the semester when the roster must be frozen for administrative purposes, like Homecoming, Greek Week, and grade reports. Paper copies of the chapter roster are distributed at the beginning and end of each semester, so that changes may be made easily. Please read the following guidelines and follow them closely to make sure your roster is correct at all times.

General Guidelines

Greek Affairs recognizes three categories of members: Active, Pledge, and Inactive.  All members must fall into one of the three categories.  Rosters and Grade Reports only include Actives and Pledges.

This is not a revolving door system. A member is either active with the chapter or is not. 

We will be switching to the ICS platform to manage rosters. Training videos, log in information, and resources will be given to chapters in late July 2017 on this. 

Pledge/New Members

A member remains a “pledge” on the roster for a minimum of one semester following their pledge semester (Ex: if started pledging in Spring and initiated in Spring, you cannot mark them as “active” until Summer).

Change members initiated last semester from “pledge” to “active” status.

If your chapter did rush/recruitment/intake this semester, add all new members and mark as “pledge."

Remove a member that depledged or has been depledged as soon as possible.

Graduates/New Alumni

Change members that graduated last semester from "active" to "inactive" status.

Please note that students who graduated at the end of this semester will be removed at the beginning of the following semester.

Co-op, Intern & Study Abroad

Out-of-town co-ops, out-of-town interns enrolled through Georgia Tech, and study abroad students REMAIN on the roster.

Students who are interning MAY NOT show up because they are not enrolled for classes and might not be registered with the Institute, so when you get your roster and they are not listed, it is not an error.


New Member/Intake Intent Forms

These will all be housed under the Greek Affairs portal of Orgsync. 

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