How to Join

Each of the four Greek councils have a different recruitment process. Some processes are more structured than others, may require registration, associated fees, and other requirements before seeking membership. 

The 2016 Guide to Greek Life is now available, and will be mailed to all incoming students home address in June 2016. 

Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC) women only

CPC hosts "Formal Recruitment" each Fall semester. Formal Recruitment is a highly structured recruitment process that takes you to each CPC sorority so that you have the opportunity to experience each one equally. Registration is required along with a nominal registration fee. You will have the opportunity to meet several women from each sorority. Each day, you will submit your preferences for which sororities you would like to potentially join. The sorority will submit a list of women they would like to invite back. Each day you will narrow down your top choices and so will the sorority, making it a "mutual selection process."

CPC also governs two associate member sororities that do not participate in the Formal Recruitment process. The associate member recruitment process is hosted a few weeks after Formal Recruitment in the Fall and during the second week of school in the Spring. Associate member recruitment is hosted by the sorority.

More and specific information, including registration and rules can be found at

Click this link to register for Panhellenic Formal Recrutiment. 


Interfraternity Council (IFC) men only

IFC will host Fall Rush on August 18-23, 2016. You can register at (coming in May 2016). Most commonly referred to as "Rush," IFC hosts an informal recruitment process. Each fraternity has food and events at their house (or another location on campus if the chapter doesn't have a house) during the official Rush period. During Rush, you can go to as many, or as few events as you would like. There are no requirements and no commitment.

At a fraternity event, you will meet many members and they will meet you. Get to know each other. If the members think you are a good fit for their chapter, they will offer you a bid (an invitation to join). You may receive multiple bids, but can only accept one.

It is recommended that you visit 10 (or more) fraternities on day one and a different 10 (or more) on day two, spending 10-15 minutes at each. After that, narrow your choices down to 3-5 fraternities and spend more time at each. To accept a bid, you usually just say "I'd like to accept my bid". Its that easy!

While you can be recruited year-round, the official Rush period occurs during the first week of school in the Fall and the second week of school in the Spring. Frequently, there are special Rush events for parents too.

More and specific information can be found at

Recruitment sign-up is available at (coming in May 2016)


Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

MGC will be tabling for you to learn more about each organization at the MGC Cook Out on Sept 4, 2016. Most commonly referred to as "Intake," MGC recruitment is held at different times throughout the semester and is hosted by each fraternity or sorority. MGC hosts the "New Member Barbecue" in the Fall semester so that you have an opportunity to meet many members of the different fraternities and sororities at one.

More and specific information can be found at


National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

Most commonly referred to as "Intake," NPHC recruitment is held at different times throughout the year and is hosted by each fraternity or sorority. Many NPHC organizations require that you complete one or two years of school before you can participate in Intake. Additionally, each recruit must attend an intake information session held during each semester.

More and specific information can be found at


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