Greek Sector: Housing & Map

The Office of Greek Affairs is committed to providing the Greek community with education, guidance, and support in an effort to promote effective facility management. In return, the House Managers and other chapter leaders are expected to maintain an aesthetically pleasing Greek community. The Greek sector is a part of campus, therefore, the general appearance of the Greek sector is a reflection of the campus as a whole. The entire community is expected and encouraged to build and maintain good relations between chapter houses within the Georgia Tech Greek sector.

For all questions regarding the Housing and Facilities, please connect with the Office of Greek Affairs at 404-894-2002. 

Greek Neighborhood Association

The IFC and CPC revitalized the GNA in the Spring of 2011. The GNA has regulations and guidelines for facility maintenance and upkeep. The GNA seeks to provide incentives for chapters who keep their facilities up to standards, and will continue with punitive measures for those groups that do not follow agreed-upon expectations.

GNA Policy
Dumpster Usage Guidelines

Office of Solid Waste Management and Recyling 

Greek Facility Map

2014-2015 Year in Review
2013-2014 Year in Review 

House Manager Resources

As a house manager, you have taken on the task of managing your chapter’s living facility, coordinating regular maintenance, and working with chapter members and alumni to maintain a positive living environment. The care and safety of your chapter’s home will rely heavily on the partnership you build between alumni, students, members, residents, contractors, and the Institute.

House Manager Guide
Download the House Resident Roster to Submit each Semester to the Office of Greek Affairs via email. 
Shared Database of Contacts: Submission Link 
Need information about a service provider that other chapters have submitted? Contact the Office of Greek Affairs to request their information. 
Frequently Asked Questions


The Greek Sector Newsletter is sent out once a month to send announcements, communicate expectations, and connect house managers and house corporation board members from other chapters. 

August 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
February 2016
March 2016
April/May 2016

Previous Editions: January 2015, February 2015, March 2015, April 2015, Summer 2015

Emergency Preparation and Planning

Each chapter facility is required to complete a Fire Safety Evacuation Drill and a Fire Safety Inspection each semester. This is mandated by the City of Atlanta, but through a special partnership, is completed by the Georgia Tech Fire Marshal’s staff. 

Fire Drill Instructions
Fire Inspection Instructions
Fire Safety Self-Inspection Form

Every building should have a reliable and updated Emergency Response Plan. The Office of Emergency Preparedness has developed a template, the Redbook, which Building Managers can use to develop this plan. The template is simple, flexible, and easy to complete – just plug in your facility’s information and you have a plan. 

Link to Update Redbook
Office of Environmental Safety


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